Used Lawn Equipment – How to Find the Best Deals

Self maintained lawn care is not exactly a cheap enterprise. In fact, when you take into account the prices of the actual lawnmower, an aerator, fertilizer, and other items, you are looking at a price tag that could potentially surpass $3,000. The best bet in maintaining your lawn business for cheap is to go with used lawn equipment.

The first place you will want to look for used lawn equipment is in your local newspaper. The classified ads are usually full of advertisements for riding lawnmowers, aerators, weed whackers and other items that you will need to maintain your customers lawns. Depending on what you are looking to buy, how old the item in question is and how often the owner has had it prior, you could be looking at huge savings over a similar item you would have to buy at retail.

Another place to look that others often overlook is yard sales. While many yard sales are little more than dumping grounds for people who are looking to get rid of old clothes and other assorted items, every once in a while you can find an incredible deal on a used push mower or weed whacker that can wind up saving you several hundred dollars off of similar products from your local equipment shop.

However you’re most likely (and successful) option for finding used lawn care products is online. Specialty sites like and have listings from people looking to sell their old and used yard equipment. Another good place to look online for used equipment is your local page. Ultimately, though, your best bet for finding the cheapest used lawn care equipment is on the auction site eBay. With over 11,000 listings on eBay for used lawn care equipment that ranges from push mowers to riding mowers, weed whackers to aerators, if you search long enough you will certainly find exactly what you’re looking for, and in the process save yourself a lot of money.